Have a Holiday Mystery!

In the comfort of your own holiday (mobile)home!

It takes as long as your holiday!

You're right in the middle of the action!

Investigate together or alone!

Imagine that! You walk into your holiday home with the prospect of a wonderful holiday. Immediately you notice there's something on the table. It's from Holiday Mystery. Also, it didn't escape your attention that there is something different is the home, something you normally don't see in a holiday home.

First you put your clothes and other stuff away and make a cup of coffee or tea. Than you really have enough time to read the instructions from Holiday Mystery. As you read the story, your imagination starts running.  Now you know for sure that you have seen an other clue in the home.  Once everyone from your family or group knows what the mystery is about, you get the first clue. Someone else in your family or in the group you are with has also seen something strange. The person quickly gets that clue also.

And than ... you can start your investigation!

Holiday (mobile)home/park owner? Contact us for a collaboration at info@holidaymystery.com!

  • Holiday Mysteries are unique puzzles and stories.
  • Your holiday is part of the story!
  • You solve the mystery during your holiday, without time pressure.
  • Can't quite figure it out? Then there are hints on the website.
  • Submit the solution online!
  • If you take a great picture of your family or group with the flyer that comes with the instructions, we will post it on social media for eternal fame!
  • Every year Holiday Mystery raffles a  prize among the submitters of the photos.
  • Do you have any questions (no hints)? You can reach us for a few hours every day, both by phone and via WhatsApp.


Holiday Mystery just started and is a business unit of 18.02 publishing (Dutch). Soon there will be more information to be found on this website. What information? That's still a mystery!

Are you interested in a collaboration? Email us at info@holidaymystery.com. We can arrange an (online) meeting and present you the whole idea.